Lino and Mono-prints

Wood Textures: rubbings and mono-prints

Crops in Field: mono-print

Tractor Wheels: mono-prints

Stooks: mono-print

Crops in Field Colour Series: mono-prints

Derelict Barn Textures: lino prints

Derelict Barn Paper Weaves: lino prints, mono-prints & rubbings

Derelict Barn A3 Collage: lino prints, mono-prints, rubbings and hand-spun wool stitch details

Derelict Barn A3 Collage 2: lino prints, mono-prints, rubbings and gouache painting

Black and White

birds eye sketches.jpg

Farm Illustrations


'Ariel View' series: Promarker

Derelict Barn: ink fine liner drawing and pencil pattern studies

Barn Patterns


Barn Pattern Series: gouache paintings and collages

Barn Patterns 2: A3 gouache promarker and pencil patterns with oil pastel detailing

Barn Patterns Large Scale: gouache paintings with pencil and oil pastel detailing

Farm Machinery


Machinery Illustrations: ink pen

wheels 2.jpg

Initial Wheel Prints: felt tip and pencil

Developed  Wheel Painting: gouache

Tyre Tread Initial Drawing: ink

A2 Tyre Tread Painting: gouache and ink pen

A1 Tyre Tread Painting 2: gouache

crops black and white.jpg

Harvesting the Crops

Initial Crops Drawings: ink pen

A2 Crop Coordiante Design: gouache painting with mono-printed background

Harvesting the Crops Statement Drawing: ink pen



Garway Hill Sketches: pencil

Imprinting the Land Initial Sketch: ink pen and pencil

Arial View: felt tip pen

Footprints: ink pen and pencil

Garway Hill Print: gouache

Imprinting the Land 1: gouache and ink pen

Imprinting the Land 2: gouache and ink pen

Tyre Tracks

wood in field colour correction on own c

Tyre Tracks on Wood: acrylic on Elm 

Tyre Tracks on Wood Close-ups