Imprinting the Land


'Imprinting the Land' 2 meter, 5-layer screen print on Habotai Silk


'Imprinting the Land' 2 meter, 5-layer screen print on Cotton-Netting


landscape visualisation.jpg
silk dress.jpg
silk dress close up.jpg

Close-up of the Habotai Silk print pleated and finished with a rustic belt

'Imprinting the Land' visualisation

Habotai Silk print styled on

a mannequin

Abstract Landscape

abstract Landscape coord.jpg

'Abstract Landscape' digital statement print design

abstract Landscape coord.jpg
abstract Landscape peach.jpg
abstract Landscape turquoise coord.jpg

'Abstract Landscape' colourways

abstract landscape visualisation.jpg

Hand drawn visualisation


Digitally printed Leather and Bull Denim fabric samples


Imprinting the Land 2


Close-up sections of the applique detail

'Imprinting the Land 2' screen print on Light Cotton, appliqued onto a spotted silk-wool fabric

lining visualisation.jpg

Hand drawn visualisation


Fabric sample styled as a jacket lining

Harvesting the Crops

Crops statement final.jpg

'Harvesting the Crops' digital  statement print design

crops navy.jpg

'Harvesting the Crops' colourway

Crops Coordinate final.jpg

'Harvesting the Crops' digital coordinate print design

Crops Coordinate yellow red mink.jpg
crops coordinare yellow orange mink.jpg
Crops Coordinate peach, navy, mink.jpg

'Harvesting the Crops' coordinate colourways

crops visualisation.jpg

Hand drawn visualisation


'Harvesting the Crops' prints digitally printed onto Silk Twill and Silk Georgette, styled on a mannequin


'Harvesting the Crops' and 'Stooks' fabric prints


straw statement orange and navy.jpg

'Stooks' digital statement print design

straw statement pink yellow redjpg.jpg
straw statement orange mink peach.jpg

'Stooks' statement colourways

straw coordinate.jpg

'Stooks' digital coordinate print design

straw coordinate colourway 5.jpg
straw coordinate colourway.jpg
straw coordinate colourway 2.jpg

'Stooks' coordinate colourways

straw visualisation.jpg

Hand drawn visualisation

'Stooks' designs, digitally printed onto Cotton Satin and Silk Georgette and styled on a mannequin


wheen print-Recovered final.jpg

'Rotation' digital statement print

wheen print-Recovered 2.jpg

'Rotation' statement colourway

wheels 2.jpg

'Rotation' digital coordinate print

wheels 2 colourway 3.jpg
wheels 2 colourway 1.jpg
wheels 2 colourway 2.jpg

'Rotation' coordinate colourways

wheels visualisation.jpg

Hand drawn visualisation


'Rotation' designs digitally printed onto Cotton Satin and Bull Denim and styled on a mannequin

Tyre Tracks on Wood

wood painting peach and grey 2.jpg

'Tyre Tracks on Wood' digital statement print

wood painting peach and grey 2 colourway
wood painting peach and grey 2 colourway

'Tyre Tracks on Wood' colourways

Tree knots repeat.jpg

'Tyre Tracks on Wood' digital coordinate print

Tree knots repeat colourway 3.jpg
Tree knots repeat colourway 2.jpg
Tree knots repeat colourway.jpg

'Tyre Tracks on Wood' coordinate colourways

tyre tracks pleated.jpg

'Tyre Tracks on Wood' statement paper manipulation

Hand drawn visualisation

Derelict Barn

Wood statement grey and turquoise.jpg

'Derelict Barn' statement digital print

Wood statement final.jpg

'Derelict Barn' statement colourway

wood coordinate 10.jpg

'Tyre Tracks on Wood' digital coordinate print design

wood coordinate 2.jpg
wood coordinate 6.jpg

'Tyre Tracks on Wood' coordinate colourways

wood visualisation.jpg
wood texture.jpg

Hand drawn visualisation

'Tyre Tracks on Wood' designs digitally printed onto Silk Georgette, Silk Twill and Bull Denim, styled on a mannequin

Aerial View

birds eye final.jpg

'Aerial View' digital statement print design

birds eye colourway 1.jpg

'Aerial View' statement colourway

wiggly coord.jpg

'Aerial View' digital coordinate print design

wiggly coord 3.jpg
wiggly coord 4.jpg
wiggly coord. 2jpg.jpg

'Aerial View' coordinate colourways

birds eye visualisation.jpg
birds eye.jpg

Hand drawn visualisation

'Aerial View' designs digitally printed onto Silk Twill and Cotton Satin fabrics, styled on a mannequin

Final Line-up

city line up final.jpg

'Farming at Bliss Hall' collection line-up